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State & Federal Defense


Steve Teich has practiced criminal law for the past 43 years in both federal and state courts in Northern California. He is familiar with the courts, judges, court personnel, defense counsel, and procedure in these jursidictions. Having handled hundreds of cases, including over one hundred jury trials,  Mr. Teich is experienced in all aspects of the criminal law profession--equally comfortable in investigating and evaluating a case, researching the law, asserting points of law and evidence, preparing written motions, writ petitions and/or appeals,working out plea bargains or going to trial.

Northern California


Steve Teich represents defendants throughout California in both federal and state courts.  He is admitted to practice in the Northern, Eastern, and Central California Federal District Courts and the California Supreme Court, California Courts of Appeal and all California Superior Courts including:


San Francisco | Alameda | San Mateo | Santa Clara | Contra Costa | Solano | Sacramento | Santa Cruz | San Joaquin| Tehama| Shasta | Madera | Monterrey

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Mr. Teich is fluent in the Spanish language having represented a large number of Hispanic clientele over the years. Lately the office has been handling a large number or requests to withdraw pleas from past years which now result in deportation or denial of naturalization.  Habla espanol y puede communicar directamente con los clientes y sus familiares por telefono o in persona en su propio idioma.  Snr. Teich cree que no se puede defender el cliente sin hablar su idioma y cree es un gran ventaja de tener la habilidad de entender el acusado, sus ideas, sentimentos  y punto de vista commuinicando en su propio lenguage. Tambien los ayudantes hablan espanol y pueden communicar con los clientes y su familiares cuando nos llamen. Acceptamos las llamada telefonicas en Espanol por cobrar de los acusados encarcelados y tambien les visitamos personalmente cuando es necessario para representarle.



With expanded use of state and federal forfeiture laws, police agencies commonly seize monies, vehicles, and freeze bank accounts during and following arrest. With high bails in state court and no bail detentions and holds in federal court, an accused often has no recourse for legal fees except from their loved ones. Mr. Teich sets reasonable fees and is willing to sit down and explain to the families, honestly referring to the facts of the case and the controlling law. Mr. Teich will clearly explain what the defendant is facing, what can be done with the case, and what it will cost. While there are always some lawyers who will set lower fees, these lawyers often  will do nothing except plead the client guilty to the offered plea bargain. This results when the lawyer does not meet with the client, thoroughy investigate the case, file challenges to the legality of seized evidence, object to involuntary, inadmissible confessions, or pursue possible defenses including a jury trial. Too often client's families come into the law office after a loved one has received a long sentence complaining of poor and unresponsive representation.  It is then too late or requires additional expense to pursue post conviction remedies.

Areas of Practice


State & Federal Criminal Defense

Narcotics & Marijuana

Conspiracy & Wiretap

Firearms & Gang Related

Aggravated Assault & Homicide​​​​​

Fraud & Other Crimes​​​​​

Post-Conviction Relief

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