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Steve Teich has practiced criminal law since 1978. Many of these cases have involved federal and state conspiracy, possession for distibution and distribution of narcotics (methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, ecstacy, and their precursors), and marijuana cultivation and distribution (medical marijuana defense, compassionate use act). In litigating these cases, Mr. Teich has developed an expertise in complex litigation involving multiple codefendants, pretrial release and detention (including immigration consequences and detainers), discovery, wiretap litigation, electronic surveillance, cell phone and GPS data, email and text inteceptions and court authorizations for same, motions to suppress and traverse, informant revelation, motions to dismiss, jury trials, plea-bargaining, complex sentencing issues, and appeals.


In federal court, Mr. Teich has handled multiple types of bank, mail, and insurance frauds, money laundering, forfeiture, narcotics, firearms violations, and criminal immigration offenses involving fraudulent documentation and illegal entry after deportation.


In California state courts, Mr. Teich has represented clients in narcotics, aggravated assaults, homicides (attempted murder, murder, voluntary manslaughter), gang related and firearms offenses, kidnapping, robbery, domestic violence, multiple types of identity theft, embezzlement, and fraud.


Mr. Teich has likewise developed an expertise in motion work in litigating these cases and is experienced in both state and federal appeals and petitions for mandate and prohibition in the superior court and court of appeals during pending superior court litigation before trial.


Mr. Teich has handled over one hundred jury trials in federal and state courts and is intimately familiar with the United States and California Rules of Criminal Procedure and Rules of Evidence. He has had long experience in researching the law and investigating cases together with private investigators and expert witnesses in all areas of the law and is available to investigate and review cases in all of the counties in Northern California. Mr. Teich is adept in preparing motions to exclude prejudicial evidence, suppress involuntary and illegally obtained admissions and confessions, advocating the inclusion of favorable evidence and tailoring jury instructions to fit the theory of the case.


Given his many years working in both the state and federal courts, Mr. Teich has developed an expertise in the immigration consequences of criminal convictions and he works closely with immigration lawyers in designing pleas that will not impact the client’s immigration status, as well as withdrawing pleas on constitutional grounds when possible if those convictions result in deportation and/or loss of citizenship. These cases often involve petitioning the superior and appellate courts for writs of habeas corpus, coram nobis, and withdrawal of pleas for constitutional violations of the defendant’s rights where convictions were wrongfully obtained.

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